Reference Interview Skit

The Librarian, sitting at a front desk with a large sign reading “Information” hanging above her. The front door opens and a young man walks in. The Librarian looks up from her computer and smiles at the man as he approaches her.

“Hello! Welcome to the Public Library, how may I help you?” The Librarian greeted.

“Hi, do you have any information about coffee?”

The Librarian nodded along with the man to let him know that she was listening to him.

“Just to clarify. Did you mean coffee the drink, or Paul Coffey the hockey player?”

The man furrowed his forehead at her question.

“The drink of course!” The man exclaimed.

“Is there anything specific that you would like to find about coffee?”

“How coffee is grown. I have to write a paper about the agricultural business.”

“Okay, perfect! Let me search a few titles for you.”

The Librarian turned her computer towards the man and entered the words coffee and agriculture. She found a few titles and wrote the call numbers down.

“Would you like me to show you where they are?” She asked.

“No I think I will find it just fine. Thank you.”

She pointed the man in the right direction towards where the books could be found.

“It’s no problem, sir. Is there anything else I can help you look for?”

“No that’s all I needed! Thank you so much!”


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