Job Shadow Placement

My top three choices for field placement were Blue Heron Books, Oshawa Community Museum, and the Uxbridge public library. Blue Heron was appealing to me because I wanted something a little more hands on and I know that shadowing in a place like a bookstore that was in a small town would give that to me. The Oshawa Community Museum appealed to me because of how different an archivist’s job would be; even just as a job shadow I know how amazing that experience would be. My third choice, the Uxbridge public library, appealed to me because of how different a small town public library is compared to a larger one in more populated cities.

I was very successful in securing my top choice. I was the only one to ask for the Blue Heron Books position, luckily.

I think that my field experience, job shadowing at Blue Heron Books, will be a worthwhile experience. I am not yet sure what I would like to do once I complete this program but I know completing these field experience’s in the next few years may help my decision. I know that these job shadows will give me the experience I need to start my career. I feel like I will learn beyond what I have ever imagined while working at Blue Heron. I hope to learn the in’s and out’s of running a company such as Blue Heron. I am looking forward to starting this experience.

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