Intro to LIS Blog Post 3 – Ethics


—-the document titled Ethics posted in DC Connect

CLA Mission, Values and Operating Principles

OLA Position Statements

Choose ONE question (there are TEN) from the Ethics document. Post the question and your answer on your blog. Support your answer by citing values,ethics and/or belief statements that you read.

Should mobile phones be banned in libraries?

Mobile phones are used to access the internet. It would be unethical to deprive someone of access to electronic forms of knowledge by limiting use to library devices. Cell phones are small computers that can fit into your hand, we use them for research and a way to stay organized and connected with the world. Free wireless internet is accessible in many public libraries. Many people find it simpler to use their own personal device than a library computer. Those apposed to this might say that having mobile phones in libraries would have potential to create a noisy atmosphere. The Ontario Library Association Statement on the Intellectual Rights of the Individual includes providing access to electronic sources of information and providing access to the internet.The Canadian Library Association (CLA) Mission, Values and Operating Principles suggests that libraries “inspire and support”. Accessing the internet through personal devices follows this Mission statement. The CLA recognizes that people learn in many different ways, one way could be with use of their mobile phone. Libraries should recognize that accessing the internet through mobile phones makes these devices useful and necessary.

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