Blog Post 3 – First Impressions Field Experience

During Tuesday’s class next week, have a partner videotape you introducing yourself to a class-mate pretending to be a prospective employer.

—Create a youtube account.

—Upload the video to youtube. Make sure it’s PUBLIC.

—In your blog post due October 8th at midnight, insert a link to your First Impressions video. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses based on the criteria discussed in class.

Our video was only uploaded onto one YouTube channel because of fears that YouTube would take down the video for copyright.

The video shows bad examples and a good example of first impression hand shakes. I feel as though my voice was not loud enough in the shot for the good handshake. The good example shows two people very engaged in their meeting. The last shot of a proper handshake is following the rule of 2-3 pumps. The bad examples of handshakes show the presidential handshake and a handshake that seems like one person is disgusted.

This video was edited and filmed by Raven Lawson.

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