Client Services Blog Post 2 – Literacy

Cite at least three reasons you believe it’s important to support, deliver, or participate in literacy initiatives at your library and/or in your broader community. Support your answer with research from the articles listed on the ppt slides for this week and/or information presented in class this week and/or other credible research that you find on this topic.

Literacy initiatives are important to support individual growth and success, to promote economic growth, and personal safety. Harel (2014) states that individual fulfillment and economic success result from improved literacy. I believe that self fulfillment is important to each individual. Improved literacy skills can increase opportunities and lead to a more fulfilling life. Improving literacy skills would lead to increased productivity in the Canadian economy and increase national income. The TD Bank, Canada’s well-being relies on improved literacy skills, article estimates that if literacy rates increased by one percent the national income would increase by approximately $32 billion. With limited literacy people find it difficult to complete everyday tasks such as reading pill bottles, street signs, and instruction manuals. Schwartz (2013) states in A small step towards a health literate Canada “up to 78% of … people may misinterpret warning labels on prescription bottles.” Improved literacy will help individuals take care of themselves without danger to their health. By supporting literacy initiatives we can provide people with the resources to continue to learn and improve, contribute to the economy, and live productive lives without endangering themselves or anyone around them.

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