Client Services – Blog Post 4 – Book Talk

Blog Post 4 – booktalks – due Tuesday October 20th @ 11am

  • Read the booktalk articles posted in DC Connect
  • Using the advice, recommendations and instructions provided in the articles, write a booktalk for a book nominated for the Golden Oak award; CITE the advice you used! (reference the author’s name and indicate the advice you incorporated into your booktalk)
  • Post your booktalk on your blog. Include a link to the purchase information and review for your title
  • Bring a PRINT copy of your booktalk and your book to class on Tuesday October 20th

The Golden Oak award winning book The Stamp Collector by Jennifer Lanthier is an amazing story. The Stamp Collector is about government, family and secret friendships. This story is set in China where two boys, one a writer and one a stamp collector, lead two very different lives. These boys meet by a chance of fate when something goes terribly wrong. “He writes of a land that is choking and dying, until the children bring it back to life. His story brings joy and hope to the villagers. But it brings fear to others.” The illustrations in this book are brilliant and I would really recommend you take the time to read The Stamp Collector.

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