Blog Post 5 – Field Experience – ST/AR video

Create a link to the ST/AR video you created in class. Evaluate how easily it is to identify the Situation or Task, Action you took and Result. What did you do well? What could you improve? Will using the ST/AR answer format help you at your next job interview? Why or why not?

The ST/AR requirements are all easily identifiable. I spoke about my role as a team leader and the collaboration between team members. The problem with a missing team member was resolved by the team working together to provide the missing information in our presentation. I clearly communicated my understanding of what team work was and successes dealing with possibility of failure. In my video I should have taken a moment to properly collect my thoughts to avoid rambling. I do think that the ST/AR answer format will help me at my next job interview. By using ST/AR I will be able to identify the sequence of events without missing any important details in my story.

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