Blog Post 6 – Introduction to LIS – school libraries – due Thursday October 29th @ midnight

Reflect on your visit to St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School library. Identify at least three ways that Ms Mistele supports the goals and values of the Together For Learning OSLA document.

The Teacher-Librarian, Ms. Mistele, at St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School was very kind to allow our group into her learning commons. Ms. Mistele’s learning commons is growing quickly. She is adding more and more accessible technology for students to use to do research projects and any necessary school work. It is necessary for students to find the material they need quickly. There are books lined up in bins that are labeled by series or by a letter that indicates the authors last name. These bins save Ms. Mistele time as well as allow students to get a book that is their reading level. Ms. Mistele has a large teaching area in her learning commons so that she can teach her classes. She had mentioned that you can not do the job that she does if you do not love children. Ms. Mistele would do anything for the children at her school and she goes above and beyond to pass the academic requirements set out for her. St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic school’s learning commons is a growing organism that will uphold their excellent reputation thanks to Ms. Mistele.

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