Blog Post 7 – Intro to LIS – Archives, museums, records mngt and special libraries

Reflect on our visit to the Oshawa Community Museum and Archives, the archives notes you read for homework, the records management presentation, the panel discussion with our special guests, and the group presentations made by your class-mates this week. What new information did you learn about archives and museums, special libraries and records management? How can it help you with your career?

With all of the events going on the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to learn many new things about special libraries, records management, archives and museums. Before going to the Oshawa Community Museum and Archives I did not know that it was difficult for different archives to get specific documents. The Oshawa Community Museum is not the only archives in Oshawa and there have been bidding wars over historical artifacts that related to the history of Oshawa. Recently, there was an agreement made between the different Oshawa archives that any archival item for sale would be discussed between the members to see where the item would fit best. I had no prior knowledge of records management so all of the topics discussed during the special libraries panel of guest speakers and the presentation from my classmates were new to me. Seeing and hearing about the different types of jobs that exist and being able to see some of the jobs first hand will help me in my career. When I complete this program, the knowledge that I have gained in the past few weeks will help me choose the direction I want my career to go.

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