Blog Post 7 – Client Services – Events and Programming

Reflect on the events and programming at St. Luke’s, the Oshawa Community Museum and Archives, as well as the various activities discussed in class today. Choose ONE activity or event that you did not explore in class and either:

  • Option 1: Create a bibliography with three or more resources that provide more information about delivering the event or activity at a library. Read the articles. Write a ONE sentence summary of the article underneath the citation for each article.
  • Option 2: Speak to a staff member at a public library and learn about why and how they deliver the event, staff planning, resources they use, challenges, etc. Use the one-time event planning template as a guide when asking questions. Summarize your findings on you blog.

My reflection on our visit to St. Luke’s was mainly a comparison to what I know of school libraries through my Aunt. The events in the school learning commons were Forest of Reading and the Borrow a Book bins. In my experience libraries have had a multitude of engaging resources, activities, and events for students to experience. I was disappointed to see so few activities at this site. At the Oshawa Community Museum you could take a tour through the Robinson, Henry, and Guy family homes or you could take a guided walking tour to Oshawa’s oldest cemetery that hold the familys’ remains. The experience was very interesting and exciting.

Coding for Kids at the London Public Library:

coding for kids

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The power of coding and the demand for computer skills as well as the engagement for learners is described through the     experiences of multiple school in America.

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This article explains how to inspire and involve students of all ages in one hour of coding activity through a worldwide program.

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