Blog Post 8 – Client Services – Group Work Evaluation

Reflect on your small group assignment in Client Services 1 then answer the following questions:

  • 1. What worked well? Why?
  • 2. Did having class time to work on the assignment help ensure your group was successful? Why?
  • 3. Group work is one of the most important skills identified by employers and members of the LIT Program Advisory Committee. One of the skills that this assignment was designed to allow you to practice and demonstrate was your ability to “interact with others in groups or teams in ways that contribute to effective working relationships and the achievement of goals”. How effective was this assignment in helping you learn to work with others to achieve a goal? Why?
  • 4. Please provide constructive feedback about the group work aspect of this assignment. Complete the group evaluation sheet distributed in class. Submit it at the beginning of class on Tuesday November 24th.


I feel as though our walking tour group project worked well. Everyone did their individual part to make sure that the presentation worked smoothly. We continually communicated throughout the process, adhering to the different group members forms of contact. Our group activities were fun and interesting. From listening to my peers feedback of our presentation I’ve concluded that it looked well organized and that the activities were intriguing. Our project worked well because we all listened to each others ideas and planned based on what everyone was comfortable doing. Having class time really helped our group get past the planning stage of this project. It gave us time to get together in person rather than over e-mail which would have caused confusion and less work getting done. This assignment was effective in teaching me that you can have a group that will consistently work together to get an assignment or project done. From past experiences I have not been so lucky with groups working in a cohesive matter.


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