Week eight – Field Experience – overview

Describe your first day orientation.

Identify explicit and implicit employee rules or procedures you learned on your first day. Explain how you learned the implicit rules.

What are the placement organization’s goals regarding library and information services?


My first day of orientation at Blue Heron Books was extremely exciting! Me and my Job Shadow Host, Maggie, spent the morning boxing and removing sales stickers from books that needed to be returned to Publishers. When I first arrived Maggie showed me around the store. There wasn’t much of an orientation my first day. I was taught the proper ways of lifting and Maggie told me that heavier shoes would be good to wear for moving boxes around. She let me know that if I was not comfortable with something than I just had to let her know. Some implicit rules that I have learned are that you should be extremely nice to customers and that if someone is looking at a section of books that you are working in that it is best to move out of the way. I learned these implicit rules by watching the other employees at the store. Blue Heron Books’ goals regarding library and information services include a type of reference interview with the costumers.

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