Week Nine – Field Experience – Role of the LIT

Describe the workplace setting and role of the LIT at your placement. How is it similar to the description discussed in class? How is it different? Include a job description for the person you are job shadowing and use this to support your response. The job description can be a formal description provided by the organization or one you’ve created based on an interview with your host.

What are the workplace expectations regarding computer skills and communication skills (reading, writing and verbal)? Describe tasks performed by the LIT that require IT skills (computer keyboarding, social media, hardware trouble-shooting…) and communication skills (reading instructions, writing reports, speaking with clients). Describe the proficiency level required to complete these tasks successfully.


There were no LIT’s at Blue Heron Books but from what I have learned in class I could see where my skills could come in handy. Some roles that an LIT could do are inventory, client services, shelving, preparing events, ordering products, and creating displays. In our classes we have learned about event planning, reference interviews, and in Anne’s class we have learned about proper shelving. Being a book store, Blue Heron doesn’t have as many blatant similarities to the library services we have been learning but most of the jobs I have been doing has reminded me of the many things that I am learning.

On the Blue Heron Books Site Shelley MacBeth’s Description is “Involved with the store since 1992, has been at the helm since 2005. Knows her books, her authors, and her customers; amazing things happen when they all come together at one of the multitude of events the store hosts throughout the year. Pick a genre and you’ll get a solid recommendation. In the publishing world she has been called a book promotion machine.”

There weren’t many work expectations regarding computer skills. I was not using the computer system during my time with Blue Heron. There were some communication skills expected, I did have to contact costumers over the phone a few times to let them know that their orders were in. At one point during my time with Blue Heron I did use my IT skills to help Maggie plan an event on Facebook. A few times costumers did ask for my help and I did help them where I could but any other information they needed I directed them towards someone else that was working at the time. You need very good organization skills to work at Blue Heron. I spent a lot of my time re-organizing sections in the store so that they flowed better and could be viewed.

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