CS2 – blog post 1 – PR

Find Public Relations (PR) examples used by libraries. Choose one example and use the OMER format to explain why you think it’s an example of PR for the library. Cite what you read in the article by Cavill as evidence that your sample is an example of PR. Provide a link to the example that you found.

No one should have the same PR example as anyone else in the class.


At my hometown library, Hamilton Public, they have items for sale such as tote bags and USB keys. These items have the library logo, name, and slogan printed onto them as a promotion of there institution. During Library Conventions, such as OLA SuperConference, many items such as tote bags are given out for free when you are walking around the EXPO and many purchases come in a free bag that has the vendors name on it. Library themed tote bags are a way of saying ‘this is who we are’ to the consumers. (Cavill 2001) When libraries give out freebies they are trying to sell their story to a target audience. (Cavill 2001) For example, many times when a company gives you a tote bag you bring it back to that said store, in this case it would be a library, to use to carry your rentals or purchases. If the tote bag is a well made item that will last a while, the consumer may use it many times throughout its lifetime which will cause other consumers who see the item to recognize the library causing a small promotion.

Tpl teens tote


Cavill, Patricia M. “advocacy: how does it differ from public relations and marketing?” Feliciter 47.2 (2001): 90-93.

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