H&G Blog Post 1 – Health Care Consumer Reference Interviews

Read: Thomas, Deborah A. “The Consumer Health Reference Interview.”Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 5(2). Web.

Respond: What consumer health reference interview challenges does the author identify? What are some of the solutions to the challenges?

Post a screen capture of your completed Consumer Health Reference Interview Game.


The author identifies that the client may request information of an illness that the staff has never heard of. It also may be mispronounced by either participant. There also may be a case of where the client may have difficult understanding medical terminology and health information. Some solutions to the challenges the author identifies would be to refer to a medical dictionary for search terms to understand the clients medical questions. Another solution would be to search using Boolean Logic and important terms. If there is a possibility of misunderstanding a client you may try to search using truncated client identified terms. If there is evidence that the clients first language is not English and there is a member of staff who speaks their native language they should be contacted.

game week 1

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