Blog post 3 – backwards design (article reflection) and learning styles (quiz)

Backwards design: Read the article, Let’s Have a Famine!, posted in DC Connect.  Reflect on a learning experience from your elementary school, high school or post-secondary education. Why do you remember the learning experience? Can you remember what the teacher hoped you’d understand after the experience? Did you? Why or why not?  Post your answer on your blog.

Learning styles: Open the document Student Goals, Learning Styles and Reflection posted in DC Connect. Complete the activity sheet and post the completed activity sheet to your blog.  Make sure it’s legible.


In high school one of my most memorable learning experiences was when I had to create a PowerPoint presentation that would be presented in front of my Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity class. The presentation would have to be 20-30 minutes long and it would be given as a lecture. My teacher wished for us to research a country that has had a past history with crimes against humanity. I remember this project specifically because it helped me overcome my fear of public speaking in small groups of people. My teacher had hoped that we would learn more about each crime that was presented as well as learn a teaching skill while informing the class about our projects. She hoped that we would understand the pain of the country and the people that had gone through the unimaginable crimes. After completing this project I felt very passionate about following up on the country and an assignment even came up where I could choose the country again and further my knowledge and research.

Student Goals, Learning Styles and Reflection Part 1 jan2015

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