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Post your question and your partner’s question to your blog.  Be prepared to demonstrate how to answer the questions to another pair next week.


Mine: Q: I need to find out information on the debates having to do with adoptions that happened last week with the MPP of the Hamilton Mountain. Can you help?


  1. Start at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario homepage.
  2. Click ‘Debates and Proceedings’ on the sidebar.
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and select the hyper link to ‘House Hansard Index: Current Session’.
  4. Once at this page, select ‘T’ for Taylor, Monique under the ‘House Speaker Index’.
  5. You can either scroll or use ‘ctrl+f’ to search for Taylor or adoptions.
  6. There will be a link beside the subheading that you can choose that will allow you to read the scripts from the debate.

Raven’s: Q. I’m doing a project on the Canadian Parliament Buildings and need an electronic resource, where can I find the history of the parliament buildings themselves?
LIT: Insert a link to the resource that you found for the student, and explain the steps you took to find this answer.
1. Starting from the “Parliament of Canada” website click “About Parliament”
2. Click the “Art, Architecture, and Heritage” tab
3. In the Architecture Column Click the “Parliament Buildings” link, this page has a history of all the buildings on parliament hill.

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