CS2 – blog post 4: UDL

Here is the link to the college’s UDL resources for faculty:


Please explore the topics on the site.

Please complete this learning tutorial:https://ssbp.mycampus.ca/www_ains_dc/index.html

When you are finished, answer the following question:

  • Question: A professor learns that he has two students in his class this semester with disabilities. One student has visual impairment and has difficulty reading printed documents. The other student has a learning disability and has difficulty comprehending complex concepts. Describe 5 ways the professor can make the course more accessible.

If you used the CAFE website to answer the question, insert a link to the section of the website that helped you answer the question.   Post your answer on your blog and be prepared to discuss it in class next week.


The professor can make the course more accessible to the student who has difficulty reading print documents due to a visual impairment by adding voice recordings or ‘audio notes’ to any Microsoft document (word, PowerPoint, excel, etc.). The student could also use a document reader that will read the words printed on the screen to them at any speed they wish. If possible the professor could also use the ‘Accessible Documents’ through C.A.F.E and follow the steps in the documents to make Microsoft a more accessible tool.


The professor can make the course more accessible to the student who has difficulty comprehending complex concepts by using graphic organizers and advanced organizers to help the student understand the concepts of the lesson. The professor could also post outlines before each class so that the student can have more processing time.



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