CS2 – blog post 5 – option a – Aboriginal Centre

Reflect on the presentation made by Peggy and Julie: What did you already know? What did you learn? What are some of the reasons Julie and Peggy mentioned, that make traditional classroom learning difficult for some students? What are some of the solutions Julie and Peggy mentioned, that might make traditional classroom learning less difficult?


Unfortunately, Peggy and Julie were not able to speak to us on Wednesday morning. My sister is a Canadian Studies major and in high school I learned some basic information in my genocide and crimes against the humanities course. I knew that the government had forced the parents to give up their children and that there were bad conditions, they face abuse, and that the purpose of residential schools was to assimilate them into European culture. I wasn’t aware that residential schools were still operating in the 1990’s. Traditional classroom learning is difficult for some Aboriginal students because the traditional European style of learning does not meet their needs. Some solutions could be hands on, active learning, small classes, shared and group learning, and an education system that is designed and implemented by First Nations educators.

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