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Library Operations – Blog post 3 – project management

Option 1: on your own or with a partner… Read the case study on page 69 of the textbook.  Presume: This is a public library The cataloguing department has no other backlogs Physical processing is done by student assistants Remember

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Advanced Info – Blog Post 2 – Open Access

In your own words, define and describe Open Access.  How does it impact the services at an academic library?  Identify both points of view about an issue mentioned in the video.  Which point of view reflects your opinion on the

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Advanced Info Blog Post 1: Digital Natives, Grown Up Digital

Read Prensky’s “Digital Natives” article and the excerpt from Tapscott’s Grown Up Digital. How does the concept of digital natives effect the services delivered in the library’s reference department?   The concept of digital natives effect how library reference departments

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