Advanced Info Blog Post 1: Digital Natives, Grown Up Digital

Read Prensky’s “Digital Natives” article and the excerpt from Tapscott’s Grown Up Digital. How does the concept of digital natives effect the services delivered in the library’s reference department?


The concept of digital natives effect how library reference departments provide their knowledge, feedback, and help. Different formats for different learners will be required so that each client can be helped in a way that they will understand. Digital natives are more likely to be comfortable with technology in a library where a ‘digital immigrant’ might be more hesitant to use the technology. Library workers need to be prepared to support digital natives and digital immigrants with a variety of needs and technical knowledge. In recent years libraries have changed their ways to accommodate the ever-growing technology. In future years, I see the library providing access to more specialized digital resources such as databases. Library reference departments will continue to instruct clients on how to use technological materials.

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