Advanced Info – Blog Post 2 – Open Access

In your own words, define and describe Open Access.  How does it impact the services at an academic library?  Identify both points of view about an issue mentioned in the video.  Which point of view reflects your opinion on the issue?  Why?

Open Access is the access to academic papers without payment. This also includes the ability to search and re-use content. Without Open Access on academic content, academic libraries are forced to pay excessive amounts for journals or databases like EBSCO. Students, faculty, and researches lose out when academic libraries do not pay these fees. One of the points of view mentioned in this video was that governments pay so much money to have this research done that it does not make sense why they would charge so much for information they want people to see. On the other hand, why would governments want you to be able to access this information for free when they spent so much money on the research? I agree with the point of view made in the video, that it makes no sense why something would cost so much when the people who paid to have it researched want it to be seen. Knowledge should be accessible to everyone without cost.

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