Blog Post 6 – Library Operations– Part A – Planning and organizing YOUR work

  • Use the ST/AR interview answer format to answer the following interview question:
  • In this position, you will be responsible for supervising student volunteers. There are between 10-12 student volunteers at the library. You will be expected to supervise these students, in addition to planning and delivering weekly children’s programming activities and events, writing monthly reports about goals and achievements in your department, working at the reference desk 8-10 hours per week and assisting with library-wide projects. Describe a situation where you’ve had a similar workload and describe how you’ve successfully managed your time to accomplish your work.

In my final semester of my Library and Information Technician program I have had a similar workload. I have four assignments that need to be completed at the beginning of April as well as 140 hours for placement. My placement is scheduled on Fridays from 9am-5pm, the only other days of the week I had off were Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday’s. One of the assignments we were given within the first month of the semester. As we completed the required work for the week it gave me the skills to complete parts of the assignment. I made a schedule around the time that I had free. I used a project managing website called Trello as well as my personal agenda. Both of these resources helped me get organized by planning out and scheduling my time. I prioritized what I needed to complete, by due dates as well as the size of the assignment. I have been able to get a large amount of my assigned work completed in the short amount of time I have during the week.

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