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Blog Post 8 – evaluation – Library Operations

Evaluate a service or product at the Durham College library (or the LIT program). Write a one-page report that includes a heading and your answer or response to the questions or tasks in the evaluation process. (See the sample report

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Blog Post 7 – Budgeting

Use Excel to create a budget for the library that addresses (or does not address!) the interests of the employees/board and the community, and the fact that the SOLS databases are no longer available for free.  Now, your library must

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Blog Post 6 – Library Operations– Part A – Planning and organizing YOUR work

Use the ST/AR interview answer format to answer the following interview question: In this position, you will be responsible for supervising student volunteers. There are between 10-12 student volunteers at the library. You will be expected to supervise these students,

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Library Operations – Blog post 1a – organization structure

What is the organization structure at your placement?  Provide evidence to support your answer. Create a diagram to represent the structure of the organization.  Use boxes to represent the departments or teams.  Include labels on each box.  Use lines to

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Library Operations – Blog post 3 – project management

Option 1: on your own or with a partner… Read the case study on page 69 of the textbook.  Presume: This is a public library The cataloguing department has no other backlogs Physical processing is done by student assistants Remember

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